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Richard Lindon (1816-1887) Inventor of: The India-rubber substitute, for the pigs bladder, in blowing up the football. The brass hand pump for inflating the same. Also the "True" Big-Side Match Ball for playing the distinctive "Rugby football" game, which bares its name.

2006 William Webb Ellis (1806-1872) - 200th Anniversary

Richard Lindon & Co. was commissioned to produce  20 Leather &  50 Synthetic Punt-about ButtonBalls. ButtonBalls are handmade, using the original as a template, manufactured to an exacting standard. The finished ButtonBall was as fantastic as it was iconic.

2009 Bright Star (the movie) by Jane Campion

Bright Star, the movie, is about the life of English Poet "John Keates" (1795-1821). Richard Lindon & Co. were asked to supply two Punt-about ButtonBalls for the young Keates to kick about in the street outside his London home. The film launched at Cannes Film Festival (13-24 May 2009). We wish the film every sucess.

2009 Now "made to order" for everybody to enjoy.

To purchase Punt-about ButtonBalls for yourself, club or retail outlet simply place an order or enquiry and we shall contact you.

Rugby School, England.   Some years ago... in OBS (Old Big School), formerly the only classroom at Rugby School, the timber pannelling showed signs of damp. Behind the panelling was a chimney.

Years of collected soot had done a good job absorbing the damp but now the area had finally reached saturation point and needed repairing, cleaning and ventilating.

When the old panels were removed and the chimney swept "out popped a little Punt-about ButtonBall, perfectly preserved in soot." Kicked into the air in the 1860's ... it had finally reached the ground !

This very exciting discovery was carefully examined and was found to house the partial remains of a rubber bladder. Today the little Punt-about ButtonBall can be viewed on display at the Rugby School Museum. The worlds oldest ball inflated with an India-rubber bladder, which made the game so universal, and only known survivor of its kind.

Rugby School England: Kicked high in the air, dropping down a disused chimney and lost behind old wood panels for over one-and-a-half centuries. A hybrid 7-panel ButtonBall, made before the split between the Rugby Football Union & Football Association. The Punt-about ButtonBall is the worlds oldest known "template" ball inflated with a India-rubber bladder (after pigs bladder) which revolutionised ball manufacture and allowed the spread of the game throughout the world. Resembling the shape of the earliest rugby ball, the "panel & button" design also led to the creation the very first soccer balls.  A truly beautiful treasure from the past.  


Richard Lindon & Co. are the privileged holders of the Registered Design for the Punt-about ButtonBall. A beautiful antique vintage rugby ball. We can now exclusively offer you the opportunity to cherish your very own symbol of iconic history.


As each Punt-about ButtonBall is made by hand, every ball takes on its own unique character. We are committed to supplying  a high quality Punt-about ButtonBall so it can be enjoyed once again by lovers of rugby all around the world.


Puntabout Balls

Rugby School Museum Oldest Rugby Ball

Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire

The orginial ball in the Rugby School Museum

Hopefully soon.. you will get the opportunity to put a Punt-about ButtonBall into your trophy cabinet, or Club House or School bag.........     An ideal gift to a Touring Side or a treat for yourself !