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Hannah Hawkesley - Senior Partner


Hannah studies Graphic Design at the University of Edinburgh and previously at the University of the Arts London. She grew up in the birthplace of the sport, Rugby and attended Rugby School where her understanding of the history of rugby developed and lead her to take a real interest in Puntabout and the products they supplied. Her father, Simon Hawkesley who originally started the company in 1999 passed on the company to Hannah to run and re-brand in 2015.


Fun Fact: Hannah won the Rugby Fives doubles nationals in 2013




Fraser Smith - Managing Partner


Our youngest member, Fraser, studies sports management and business at the University of Edinburgh, following a year of working for the Scottish Rugby Union. Fraser has a diverse skill set in the world of sport, in events management, coaching and sports related business. A passionate rugby player and sports advocate on board to inject enthusiasm and an insight into the world of rugby.


Fun Fact: Fraser was chosen to be a flag bearer for Malawi at the Glasgow Common Wealth Games 2014




Simon Hawkesley - Operations Consultant


Entrepreneur, Simon, was the founder to companies Puntabout and Richard Lindon & Co in 1999. Much the same as Hannah, Simon's passion for the history of rugby stems from his upbringing in the town of Rugby. Simon now consults and advises the Puntabout team whilst running our sister company Richard Lindon & Co.


Fun Fact: Simon runs a guesthouse in both Marrakech - Riad Laksiba, and France - Maison Manoir. For details, please visit his website




Fiona Hawkesley - Independent Advisor


Fiona currently works for Ingeus as a Director for the skills division where she specialises in the human resources section of the business. Previous to this, she worked as a Customer Aquisitions Director for government funded training and improving client and shareholder relationships. The experiences she has acquired over the years, has given her the skill set to help Puntabout succeed, advising our team on important parts of our business.


Fun Fact: Fiona appeared on a television program 'House Hunters' with her husband, Simon Hawkesley, where they bough a guesthouse in Marrakech.





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